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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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25 April (Part 1) - Bexley fails royally compared to Royal Greenwich

Greenwich council has published a list of all the candidates due to stand at the elections in four weeks time. Not a lot of use to Bexleyites unless they want to see where their former deputy Labour leader Sandra Bauer has run off to. If I may be permitted to abuse her colleagues’ slogan, it’s the Ultimate Chicken Run. Sandra now lives across the border and is no longer eligible to stand in Bexley.

Greenwich’s Nomination List is signposted from their website’s front page but I have searched Bexley’s in vain. They won’t be keen on publishing a list that includes names and addresses. Nearly a quarter of Bexley Conservatives refuse to include their home address on their Register of Members’ Interests. They can only legally do that if it would place them in grave danger - Section 32 of the Localism Act. But when did observing the law of the land ever trouble a Bexley Tory?

Note: Bexley’s Nomination List is promised for 4 p.m. today.



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