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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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24 April (Part 1) - The man who does Bexley council’s dirty business

AlabiNicholas Dowling, Independent candidate for Blackfen and Lamorbey is becoming a bit of an expert on electoral law and has caught Bexley council failing to observe it absolutely once or twice already this month. He read yesterday’s blog about Bexley council gagging Chris Attard, UKIP candidate for Lesnes, and suggested I read the ‘Code of Recommended Practice’ covering electoral purdah.

I was a little surprised that Nicholas should be interested in a Code as he of all people should know that Bexley council takes absolutely no notice of Guidance Notes - but maybe they do when they believe one might be perverted into an excuse to exercise illegal control over residents.

So I read up on Electoral Law and the so called purdah period and found it is not supported in law at all, it’s just a tradition.

The current guidance note was issued by The Department for Communities and Local Government in March 2011 and gets nowhere near suggesting that Akin Alabi, Bexley’s Head of Legal Services, can gag a member of the public because their question to council might be “unfair on the current administration”.

This (click or scroll) is what the Guidance Note has to say…


So once again solicitor Akin Alabi is prepared to exceed his authority to please his paymasters. Is that corruption?

Note: For technical reasons the guidance note may require a browser refresh to display correctly.



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