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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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23 April (Part 2) - Messy Massey business

News ShopperThe Star Letter in today’s News Shopper is from Bonkers’s reader Arun Jolly who suggests that the cancellation of the Danson Festival is a put up job designed to keep the “riff-raff” away from Massey territory. It is a view I have heard before but I didn’t get around to sharing with you.

Like Arun, I have my doubts about councillor Don Massey, he is certainly not in office to represent the people, his priority is no different to a dozen or more Conservative councillors who are there to take what they can from the system.

It was Don Massey who took the decision not to accept Elwyn Bryant’s 2,219 signature petition against the excessively high salaries paid to Bexley’s senior officers.

Not everyone accepts the News Shopper’s registration process and consequently may not see their letters page, but the email I received is not very different to that which they published.

Don Massey and his wife Sharon Massey rake it in from expenses paid by the Bexley council tax payer. Bexley council tax payers also paid for Sharon Massey's school fees when she was a kid. Sharon Massey is a councillor in Danson Park Ward and the Tories are running around like headless chickens because they know UKIP are going to wipe the floor with them at the council elections in May.

In a desperate bid to attract the votes of the Mrs. Bucket types who live in Danson Park ward and don't like the festival because they think it attracts “riff-raff”, Don Massey has cancelled the festival in the hope this gets his wife re-elected so they can carry on living off the Bexley council tax payer. The weather excuse is complete bullshit and shows the Masseys think we are all mugs.

Maybe if we ask her nicely, Sharon Massey will organise a free beer festival for us with a few strippers hidden in the corner.

For the record, the Massey’s will pocket £45,000 of your money this year.



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