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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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23 April (Part 1) - It seems only too believable to me

TweetYou can tell when someone is relatively new to Bexley politics, they find the frequent corruption and skullduggery hard to comprehend.

Chris Attard is astounded by the fact that he has been banned by Akin Alabi, Head of Bexley’s Legal Services, from asking a question at the next council meeting. He must have forgotten that Akin is the solicitor who refused to interview the councillor witnesses who were prepared to confirm that councillor Cheryl Bacon comprehensively lied about what happened on 19th June 2013. Would anyone expect straight dealing from a man like that?

I must confess that when I first saw Chris’s Tweet I assumed he had fallen foul of the ‘election purdah’ rules since Chris is UKIP’s declared candidate for Lesnes ward and I was sort of half right. Chris is banned from asking a question not because he is a UKIP man but because his question could be construed as critical of Bexley council. That would rule out any questions from me and countless others too. Chris is being “unfair on the current administration” apparently.

I’ve been trying to sit on the electoral fence to some extent but I think it has to be said that anyone who places an X against a Conservative’s name in Bexley in four week’s time is voting for continuing corruption. They have their senior officers in their pockets by paying among the very highest salaries in the country and for reasons which are hard to fathom, the local police admit to succumbing to their political interference.

For the record, Chris’s question related to Bexley council reneging on their promise to do something about the dangerous footpath outside Bedonwell Infant & Nursery School. You may read his account of how he came to be banned from asking a question by clicking on his Tweet above.



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