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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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18 April - Yet another dangerous roundabout on Broadway

Fairground FairgroundToday has not gone anywhere near to plan and I found myself stuck in Islington all day attending to a broken computer which I had hoped to fix in under an hour. As a consequence this short blog is entirely dependent on reader input.

One was concerned less about the Trinity Place roundabout than the power supply to the children’s roundabout by the Bexleyheath Clock Tower. It was dangerous when he photographed it on Wednesday, with a domestic grade cable emerging from a sharp edged hole in the ground without any form of protection against chaffing and when he checked it again the next day the trip hazard was even worse.

Bexley council has cut nearly all its Trading Services staff in order to freeze the council tax and it doesn’t matter if a child is electrocuted or an old lady goes flying when there is an electorate to bamboozle. Bexley council takes the fat fee but does nothing to earn it.

TwitterYesterday I dropped into Hall Place around 2 p.m. to see if the Ha-Ha had been repaired in a satisfactory manner and saw that it had been. Foolishly I did not photograph it but this morning it was reported that the stones had not only been dislodged again overnight but had been taken away and stolen.

I had spent the evening listening to the borough police commander telling councillors that Bexley is the most crime free of all the London boroughs but Sidcup especially suffers at the hands of foreign criminals.

TwitterDuring the past week election candidates have been collecting their certification from the returning officer, Will Tuckley, and a copy of the postal voters register. It is vital that the latter is issued punctually as there is very little time to canvas those electors. Both Nicholas Dowling and Mick Barnbrook were complaining that there was a delay in issuing them and in some respects electoral law was broken.

Bexley council breaks the law quite often so why should electoral law be any different? It has been reported (see associated image) in several places that the Bexley magazine contains blatant Conservative propaganda and has been distributed during the pre-election period known as purdah. Illegal again.

I’ve not received mine yet and maybe I now never will.

Due to plans going awry there will probably not be any more blogs until Monday. Have a good Easter.



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