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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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17 April (Part 3) - Look what I found

Labour sloganAn almost fully working Bexley Labour website and so far I have not found any deliberate falsehoods there which appears to be the trademark solely of the Conservatives. They are even at it in Bromley where I recently picked up a copy of their leader’s election brochure.

Councillor Stephen Carr manages to slip in ‘lowest council tax in outer London’ four times. The truth is it’s second lowest, but admittedly a lot better than Bexley has achieved and enormously better than what they have implied to the electorate.

Council leader Carr also claims that Bromley has the best recycling service in London which is correct by some measures - what! you believed Bexley’s hype? - but on the other hand my Bromley based friend has been caught several times tipping her waste into my brown bin and I have never found the need to repay the compliment.

BromleyIf you take a look at the Labour website it might be best not to accept their cookies. After I did so it required the repeated acknowledgment of a cookie message on every new page, at least it did in Internet Explorer and Chrome. The site worked perfectly well without cookies. Wordpress! It’s an abomination in my opinion.



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