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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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17 April (Part 1) - Occupant of glass house lobs large stone

The Daily Mail Online carried an article about Bexley councillor Munir Malik last Sunday which said he claimed to have been a Chartered Accountant but “he has not and never has been a member”. Having once been closely involved in a story that appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail, I should have known better. On that occasion, rather a long time ago, the Mail admitted to me that they invented the story and it would appear that their standards may not have improved a lot since.

Councillor Malik has since said very clearly that he qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 1974 and his qualification has not been rescinded. However he has not actually been a paid up and practicing member of the ICAEW for the past 20 years. Unless Munir is a bigger liar than councillor Cheryl Bacon, which might stretch the credulity of even the most gullible of Daily Mail readers, it would appear that there has been an element of political muck raking over this story.

ShockingNever far from the mucky end of politics is Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill; she is saying that Munir’s failure to renew his ICAEW membership is “shocking”.

She said the same about former Conservative councillor Ian Clement when he helped himself to taxpayers’ money but was not so shocked that she could bring herself to report him to the police. Teresa believed “the integrity of his colleagues should not be questioned” even though they were the willing beneficiaries of his largesse.

Teresa O’Neill lost her tongue and showed no sign of being shocked when her close colleague councillor Peter Craske was arrested for Misconduct in Public Office or when the police tracked a stream of homophobic obscenities to his address. She does not so much as blush when spouting the oft repeated lie that Bexley is “built on the foundations of low taxes” when it is 9th worst in London and can invent stories to present to her tame police force aimed at getting residents arrested on her politically motivated whim, but she is struck dumb and shows no sign of being shocked when her mayor and deputy organise an illegal strip show.

It’s one rule for them and another everyone else.



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