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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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15 April (Part 3) - Ha-Ha. Not funny

TwitterI caught this Twitter exchange with Bexley council yesterday which had expanded somewhat by this morning and as I have become a Belvedere Bromley commuter it was easy enough to drop by to see who was telling the truth.

I saw no evidence that anyone had tried to make the wrecked ha-ha safe, the stones were still forming a bridge presumably to amuse some mindless idiot strong enough to remove the large and heavy masonry.

Below are some pictures taken at 5:30 this afternoon to illustrate what the vandals have done and why I believe Bexley council’s claim to have tackled the problem should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

According to @raymagini who I recognise as a long term Bonkers reader, no one has taken any action to preserve the site or make it safe in the week since the vandals did their dirty work.

Should anyone be surprised by the lack of action from a council which deliberately wrecked the William Morris fountain in the town’s centre?

Note: The ha-ha was repaired on 16th April.

Ha-Ha Ha-Ha Ha-Ha



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