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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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4 April (Part 2) - News from the doorsteps

Mick Barnbrook has been telling me a little of his experiences tramping the streets of Blackfen. Some are quite funny; he was doing quite well with one woman until the conversation strayed towards UKIP when he had the door slammed in his face with some comment about not voting for a racist party. I have often thought that we should have proportional representation based on one’s IQ score, there are too many idiots out there.

Mick loves to engage people in conversation and often finds a ready audience just as keen to talk as he is. He has been keeping a score on how many of them mention Bexley is Bonkers and says that the tally currently stands at something between one in six and one in seven. That is a higher score than I would have expected from studying the webstats but presumably those who are keen to talk politics are more likely to be politically aware, so Mick’s captive audience is probably a biased sample.

I have received several reports of Conservative canvassers beating a hasty doorstep retreat when confronted with stories taken from BiB and only yesterday a Christchurch ward correspondent told me that his candidate did a runner saying he had never read Bonkers. Many do say that but I could show you emails - but won’t - from Conservative councillors who admit to being “avid readers” or “I read it to see what is really going on” or tell me other councillors read it too. I regard that as a shame because it effectively reduces the intended readership as measured by Google Analytics. A few weeks ago a different Tory councillor was in touch with comments just 14 minutes after a new blog went on line. No of course they don’t read “that crap” as deputy leader Colin Campbell so delightfully described the site.

Labour sources have said that electors mention Bonkers too, but they have no reason to run.


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