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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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3 April (Part 3) - Old news

DansonRecent circumstances have caused a couple of news items to be neglected and everyone will know about them by now, but one is that Bexley council has cancelled its Danson Festival this year. The writing was on the wall last month when cabinet member Don Massey said he was concerned about the ground conditions in Danson Park in a manner that gave the distinct impression it was for the chop. I thought the Met. Office was forecasting very hot weather for the coming months, but on the other hand they forecast a Barbecue Summer a couple of years ago and we nearly drowned. Good to know that Don Massey’s seaweed is better at four month predictions than the Met. Office’s supercomputer.

The Danson Festival has always cost a lot of money, in reality it is another budget cut from a council which charges the ninth highest council tax in London.

The other item on which Bonkers was beaten by the News Shopper is the announcement of free parking over the four days of Easter. Last year Bexley council announced free parking on the bank holidays but ticketed cars on Good Friday claiming that day was not a Bank Holiday which is technically correct. It was the sort of mean trick you might expect from them, but this year there is an election in the offing so there will be a temporary outbreak of honesty.


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