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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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3 April (Part 2) - More law breaking councillors. It’ll be one rule for them…

Southeastern really knows how to make a bad situation worse don’t they? The 09:38 from Abbey Wood to Charing Cross via Lewisham arrived unannounced this morning but with no destination indicator on the driver’s cab or inside. Being a cautious sort of chap I went to the door at Woolwich and heard something about a diversion via Greenwich.

I judged that using the DLR from Greenwich would miss the connection at Lewisham and cause a half hour wait, so I used the route recommended to me by former Lesnes ward councillor Daniel Francis. DLR to Canning Town, Jubilee Line to Canada Water and Overground to Denmark Hill. 58 minutes travelling time and not a lot worse than the regular route. Thank you Sir!

Shame on Abbey Wood staff for not bothering to make a platform announcement. It wasn’t good coming back either but you will have had enough of travel stories for one day.

StrippersThings are inevitably slipping after another long day at King’s Hospital but Bonkers did at least beat the News Shopper with the mayor’s strip night by a week, the news coming through at an unfortunate time for a weekly newspaper.

The News Shopper confirms what I knew already from conversations within the Civic Centre; that the deputy mayor’s pub is not licensed for the sort of entertainment she and the mayor evidently enjoy.

The council has confirmed that The Charlotte “is permitted to provide such entertainment on an occasional basis no more than eleven times in a twelve month period” but the licence specifically excludes “semi or full nudity” and the council source goes on to say “it is likely that the council's Licensing Enforcement Officer and Police Licensing Officer will visit the premises next week”.

OpeningThis will almost certainly be another in the long sequence of events starting with Teresa O’Neill’s predecessor Ian Clement’s abuse of Bexley’s credit card through to the illegal closure of Bridleway 250 when Bexley police rallies round to conceal a Bexley council related crime. Watch this space!

Meanwhile I have come to the conclusion that mayor Sharon Massey likes her drink far too much. About half her Tweeting activities are booze related. The photograph shows her hard at it again in a pose that could be described as ‘half cut’. She is opening the London Ale Festival.

Deputy mayor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis is no stranger to controversy and stupid quotes.

I didn’t think I would have to say this but the photograph of the three bums is a PhotoShop job. Some readers weren’t sure.


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