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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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3 April (Part 1) - Spot the difference

I’d love to know why councils do these sort of things. Was Bexley spending the end of year budget?

Hadlow Road Hadlow Road Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos

First picture as things were, then nine men (some out of picture) removed the central bollard and beacon leaving a two week long hazard for all road users. Finally things were put back to normal on 1st April. How appropriate!

DerelictionIf you look carefully at the large versions of the first and fourth photographs you will see that some idiot at Bexley council has changed a road sign from ‘Welcome to Belvedere’ to ‘Welcome to Bexley’. This confuses every stranger to town but maybe boosts the egos of certain people at Bexley council. Those more familiar with this part of the borough are never likely to confuse the two. Whilst the Conservatives are in charge Abbey Wood and Belvedere will always be the poor relations of Bexley.

For out of towners, Bexley is a 15 minute drive away, or 35 minutes on a bus if you are lucky, which thanks to Bexley’s lack of north to south routes goes the very long way around.

The fifth picture is of the ‘shop’ opposite the crossing which typifies the way Bexley council neglects the north of the borough. It has been derelict since the adjacent branch of Threshers closed in 2010 or thereabouts. No business would have been allowed to get away with that in Bexley village.

Unless Southeastern mess up again this afternoon there will be more later.


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