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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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29 September (Part 2) - You should read Bexley is Bonkers

UKIP David Coburn From Welling I took the bus to Bexleyheath and got off near the Magic Roundabout to see if there was anything new to see. Opposite ASDA I stumbled upon some UKIP people handing out leaflets. This wasn’t entirely coincidental because UKIP gives notice of its activities on Twitter. The other two parties only ever use Twitter to say where they were the day before so I’m not able to treat them equally. I expect they are keen to keep out of camera view.

I have noticed that the Labour people invariably Twitter that people are sick of Bexley council and the Tories Tweet that householders appreciate the frozen council tax. Maybe they should both get out of their own strongholds for a more representative view.

The man shown wearing the rosette is David Coburn who is Chairman of UKIP London. Our paths have crossed two or three times before which may have something to do with him living in the borough - or about to move in, I’m not sure which.

I had a brief conversation with another of their supporters who lived in Kensington. He told me a little of what his council got up to and I returned the favour. He finished by recommending that I read Bexley is Bonkers. I should have asked him if it is any good.


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