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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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29 September (Part 1) - They have spent your money but what has been achieved?

Welling Corner Welling Corner Welling High StreetJust asking for a friend, you understand, but I cannot see any benefit from the recently completed Welling Corner road works and readers have been asking. Maybe another reader knows the answer.

The old photo taken from Google Street View shows pedestrians protected by railings when attempting to cross Bellegrove road. Those taken yesterday show a free for all and a young lad streaking straight across. It is too tempting to do so and those concentrating on looking to their left can all too easily trip down an unexpected kerb.

It would appear to be the new norm, a hundred yards or so further east the same arrangements have been in place for a couple of years. Council leader Teresa O’Neill is keen on reducing street clutter but she should perhaps remember that not all of us would survive a collision with a bus.

I found one of Teresa O’Neill’s statements about the new approach to road safety to be rather worrying. She said “the road surface has been re-laid to remove the distinction between the roadway and the footway and kerbs have been lowered to encourage people to wander across the street”. Whatever happened to the “Look right, look left and right again” that was drummed into me at school?


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