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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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28 September - You wait ages for a joke on Bonkers and three come along together

There is probably not enough humour on Bonkers, joke councillors in abundance but little to tickle the ribs. Until now perhaps.

Bexley Business AwardsBexley council is sponsoring The Bexley Business Awards and just look who has the gall to be offering their advice. None other than three failed Bexley business people.

On the left you see Ian Payne, manager of Bexley’s Business Improvement District (BID) and the man who masterminded a 7% drop in trade in the town centre. By his side are cabinet members Linda ‘Biffa’ Bailey and the ubiquitous Teresa O’Neill chasing another photo opportunity.

The BID is still showing up on the Companies House website as not having filed its accounts.

Bailey and O’Neill are Directors of the wholly Bexley council owned Thames Innovation Centre - a centre of mismanagement that would have gone bust years ago if not supported by the council tax payer. Despite being given more advantageous business terms in the form of contracts, interest free loans and goods delivered through the back door, it has lost money every year since it opened. More last year than the year before. Yes, this threesome are the perfect people to recognise successful local businessmen.


If the figures above (scroll to see them) are too horrible for you, try the simplified version below.

Ian Payne doubles up as Deputy Mayor of Bromley. He is a salaried employee of Bexley council.


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