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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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27 September (Part 2) - Don’t hold your breath

Eric and TeresaEric Pickles has spoken again and today’s headline writers are occupied with his latest wheeze. He wants to put an end to gestapo wagons and CCTV surveillance of parking spaces.

In the past the Minister for Local Government has pontificated on all manner of subjects from weekly dustbin collections to filming council meetings; and what has he actually achieved? The bloggers’ desk. Councils must now provide a place at council meetings for a man to rest his notebook.

In every other area of activity dishonest councils - is there any other sort? - are free to stand behind the Secretary of State grinning while thumbing their noses.

If guidance worked we wouldn’t have gestapo wagons now because they are only supposed to be used where it would be unsafe for the job to be done on foot. Pass some legislation Eric, you know it makes sense.


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