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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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26 September (Part 1) - Stainless steel clutter

The refurbished Bexleyheath Broadway undoubtedly looks smarter than it used to be, I don’t think any of its many critics dispute that but safety concerns have demanded several changes since it was partially opened in June.

This is what council leader Teresa O’Neill had to say about it a few days after it opened.

ClutterIt was carefully designed and implemented after a series of consultations with and support from the Borough’s residents and businesses. The consultation included the Bexley Access Group which represents the more vulnerable members of our community.

This scheme has been designed using an innovative concept of ‘shared space’ which aims to create a better balance of priorities between drivers and pedestrians. The most recognisable characteristic of shared space is the absence of street clutter, such as conventional traffic signals, barriers, signs and road markings.

We’re convinced this will also lead to further economic regeneration of the Borough’s strategic town centre as early indications are already showing. We need to inspire our children and young people to welcome the new environment.

Crossing CrossingOne has to ask, if it was so carefully designed, why so many changes have been made since. There were three attempts to get the road signs at the magic roundabout right. Are they right now? The pedestrian crossings have proved troublesome and more signs appeared this week. See photos taken yesterday evening.

How does that fit in with Teresa’s “absence of street clutter”? Having gone that far why not put in a longer pole, paint it black and white and plonk a yellow globe on it? A flashing light inside it would be a nice touch.


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