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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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20 September - An unexpected present for my birthday

Dave StringerI told all my friends and relations not to buy me anything for my birthday and most of them have followed instructions but I have received one from an unexpected source. At the end of last year I complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission that the Metropolitan Police had failed to properly investigate (i.e. whitewashed) Bexley police’s failure (i.e. not doing much at all and screwing up, perhaps deliberately, what they did do) to properly investigate Bexley council’s obscene blog. And the IPCC has agreed with me. It was not a proper investigation.

That original complaint was against Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, his sidekick Tony Gowen and various underlings and originally went to Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe on 7th June 2012. Everyone was said to be beyond reproach apart from the most junior member of the team who was “offered guidance”.

Now it all starts again. We are back to June 2012. There is to be a repeat of, let’s be absolutely clear about this, the enquiry into why Dave Stringer and Co. achieved nothing. Not a reinvestigation of the original crime. It would appear that the IPCC may not be too happy with Bexley police’s admission of “political interference”. How Bexley’s police must rue the day they agreed to help Bexley council cover-up a crime.

The complaint to the IPCC is not currently available on-line.

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