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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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18 September - Readers’ recent comment

No time to prepare a blog yesterday so how about some comments from readers? All of these received within the past 36 hours.

A comment on Lyn Tyler’s letters

The extent to which Bexley Council will lie is ridiculous. It knows no bounds. Why would you put blatant lies in writing full stop? Let alone to someone who runs a website that will only publicize your lies to the voting masses. What morons.

About Broadway’s roundabout, T junction, free for all, or whatever it is…

BikeAre aware of the TFL traffic survey currently being done at the magic roundabout in Bexleyheath?

I was speaking to the chap from TfL, very friendly, and he told me he was counting bikes all day. What a lovely job, but hopefully something good will come of it. I have heard that Bexley is shortlisted for funding from TfL for cycles. When I spoke to him (around 10:30) he said that “only eight bikes have passed towards Welling and only four towards the Broadway”. He said in other areas such as Elephant and Castle it would be in the 100s.

Interestingly enough he was under the impression that the junction is a roundabout and the crossings were zebra crossings. If TfL do not know, how is the public meant to?

About the bosses lining their own pockets

How can these people be worth so much of our money?! I thought I might get some enlightenment from the papers for the "Top Management Review Panel" next week, but of course everything worth looking at is kept secret. What is the point of this charade if all the important information is withheld? Why not just do the whole thing in private, instead of pretending that some sort of public scrutiny has taken place?

ESMI was left puzzling over one of the few statements the public are allowed to see, which told me that “ESM had been progressed” during the year.

What is "ESM"?! The European Stability Mechanism? The Electron Scanning Microscope? The European Society of Mycobacteriology?

Nothing in these papers tells me, and a search of the council website also reveals nothing. What an insult! They keep most of the papers secret, and one of the few things allowed to appear in public is rendered worthless by the use of meaningless acronyms!

Roll on 2014. Let's see if anyone standing for election is prepared to boot these charlatans off their gravy train once and for all!

It’s true! Bexley council’s web search facility has no idea what ESM is.


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