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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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17 September (Part 1) - Confusing or what?

So you drive up to one of your favourite parking spots two minutes walk from the shops, pay - or not if it is after 17:30 - and when you come back you have a parking ticket. It’s Bexley so you shouldn’t be surprised.

Pay by phone Pay by phone Bus standThe reason is that Bexley council has introduced a new bus stand while the bus terminus by the Clocktower is disrupted by the Broadway regeneration.

Any decent council would place a shroud over the parking signs so that no one was likely to be encouraged to park where they shouldn’t. As it is, at a quick glance it looks like just another shared use parking bay.

The location is North Road, part of the one way system from Woolwich Road to Arnsberg Way. The larger images prove more conclusively than the thumbnails that the pictures are all from the same location.

The letter to residents didn’t come from Frizoni’s department. Makes you wonder if Bexley council even bothered to get a legal traffic order.


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