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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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14 September (Part 2) - Home alone?

The only explanation I can think of for the reported three million pounds a year for each Bexley child placed into care is that either a decimal point has slipped or that Bexley’s care home is fully staffed but has only one resident.

Why is it that Bexley is so often in the news for being bad or unusual in some way? Perhaps the way it is run truly is bonkers. It seems a bit odd that Bexley is one of only 14 UK boroughs which has no ’in borough’ care facilities and I wondered why.

HoblandsGoogling around I found that it wasn’t always so. There used to be a care home in Carlton Road, Sidcup called Hoblands. By all accounts it mysteriously disappeared some thirty years ago. Children, staff; they all disappeared from view. Maybe the web extract shown throws some light on the reasons why.

Have you read it? Nasty eh?

But it could be far worse than that. If you go to the National Archives website to see what they have on Bexley council’s Hoblands children’s home you might be in for a shock.

What Bexley council covered up must have been really horrible; the files are locked away until 2047. That's 75 years from the date of the dark events which must have been around 1972.

That date ties up very nicely with the associated web extract. Read the whole thing and you can date it to 1971. However an elderly resident has told me that Hoblands didn’t close until the mid nineteen eighties. If that is true it suggests that yet again Bexley council always covers up or turns a blind eye and carries on. Employing paedophiles (TIC), failing old ladies in care homes (BELL), ignoring the plight of little Rhys Lawrie. All have a common theme. Thoroughly poor management paid grossly inflated salaries and Deborah Absalom, Mark Charters and Sheila Murphy are merely the most recent incarnations.

You can begin to understand why Bexley council’s mantra is ‘say absolutely nothing about everything’. It’s the only safe way when there is just so much to hide.

Note: The web extract shown is a composite of two sections. Click it for original (long).


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