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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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13 September (Part 3) - Bexley well behind the times

The lady whose wheel clipped the kerb and burst a tyre while trying to negotiate the road works in Welling put in a claim because the newly laid kerbstone had a razor sharp edge. It still has, I went to look only a week ago and I suggest the doubters follow suit.

Unfortunately the lady decided against pursuing the claim because of the intrusive nature of the questions on the claim form. In particular she didn’t like the fact it was asking for the name of her employer where her duties include driving. I decided I should get hold of a copy of the form to see for myself and not finding one on the web took myself along to Bexley council’s Contact Centre. They explained it was not on the web nor did they hold a copy locally because it is issued by the council’s insurer. I begin to see the lady’s point. Tell an insurance company that you have clipped a kerb and they will likely increase your premium.

While at the Contact Centre I thought I would look around and I was reminded of my trip to an Industrial Tribunal a couple of years ago. I was there because Bexley council sacked the receptionist at the Thames Innovation Centre after she reported post and money being misappropriated, not to mention that the manager was a paedophile (later convicted). Bexley council tried to make out that the receptionist was sacked for not keeping the brochures in the foyer up to date. It wasn’t even her responsibility but they were desperate for a good story.

The Tribunal’s summing up made it absolutely clear that they considered the receptionist was unfairly dismissed but they could not find in her favour because she had not worked at the TIC long enough to be protected by the law. The council must have put out a press release that the receptionist had not been unfairly dismissed and Bexley’s failure to tell the whole truth was picked up by the local papers and unwittingly reported in an extremely biased way. They knew no better because they had not sent a reporter to hear the verdict.

So what has that got to do with the Contact Centre? It’s the brochures stupid!

Creepy House Swimathon

CharltonThere for my delectation were brochures advertising art at Hall Place until 18th August, Bexley Environmental Challenge, closing date 30th April, Bexley in Bloom, applications closed 7th June, a course at Charlton football ground in May 2013, Parkwood Aquathlon at Sidcup Leisure Centre which took place on 21st July, the Creepy House summer reading challenge ending on 7th September and a Swimathon running from 26th to 28th April 2013! What a mess. They have staff sitting around all day to answer questions, there was nothing for them to do when I was mooching around, but they are content to let the place go to pot!


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