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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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9 September (Part 3) - Cheryl Bacon’s illegal meeting. It’s not over yet

When councillor Cheryl Bacon panicked and put her meeting into Closed Session nearly three months ago she committed an illegal act and certain people are keen to see that Cheryl shouldn’t get away with it. Mick Barnbrook wasn’t slow to put in a complaint and naturally Bexley council had to find a way of getting Cheryl off the hook - an art in which they are well versed. This time they came close to making up more lies than I have ever seen in one letter before. Apparently everyone at the meeting including me was guilty of continuous disruption.

Mick wasn’t the only complainant, I’ve recently been informed there were two more, both of which were ignored. Following a complaint one has received a belated reply, the other is still waiting.

At Cheryl Bacon’s fiasco of a meeting I took up my ‘Bloggers Seat’ which the council is now compelled to provide me. I did so because I go there as a reporter and wished to dissociate myself with anything that might be deemed contentious. I do not intend to be part of the news, I only report it. That special seat is nearer to the closest councillor than it is to the general public and I know that councillors know that I sat there doing nothing. Yet Cheryl barred me from her meeting for no reason other than her being in headless chicken mode. The response to Mick Barnbrook’s complaint says everyone was disruptive. Absolute rubbish and I object to being used as an excuse for Bexley council’s law breaking.

So I did something I have not done for three years. I made a formal complaint to Bexley council. As always, the most interesting thing might be seeing what contortions they tie themselves in rather than putting their hands up. I have some evidence that Bexley council is lying but I doubt it will stop them lying again.


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