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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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8 September (Part 1) - More site news

You can’t please some people. Following the introduction of the Information box providing details of each banner photograph I was told that the photo would look better if not cluttered up with slogans and carousels.

Well it took a lot of site restructuring but such a facility is now available within the Information box. Open it and click the obvious place and the clutter will disappear. It is deliberately made ‘fragile’. Except on ‘Configure pages’ the clutter return after almost any page action.

When in use the page will temporarily adopt its default appearance which means that permanently saved Mobile and other non-standard modes will be lost, but only until the next page is loaded or the current one is refreshed, once again the Configure pages are exceptions!

If the uncluttered appearance is chosen via the Info box from one of the Configure pages, the uncluttered style is saved. This will override any permanently saved Mobile or other non-default mode. To restore the banner to normal, revisit a Configure page and choose another of the available options.

The number of different banners available at any one time has been increased from ten to 21.


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