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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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7 September (Part 1) - Site news

Bexley council announced at the Constitutional Review meeting last Tuesday that it is now getting 1·5 million visits annually to its website which is nearly five times as many as Bonkers and quite a lot of the latter would appear to live outside the borough or maybe not know it very well. A few ask what or where the banner images at the top of each page are. I thought I should find a simple way of answering the question.

At any one time ten different banner images may be in use across the site from a choice of over 30, although some are so outdated that they are not likely to be seen again.

InfoDuring the past week a red Info icon has been overlaid on the banner image. It automatically detects which banner image is being displayed and clicking on it - or somewhere nearby - will create a pop up information window.

It requires an updated style sheet which each page should load rather than use the old one but it may be cached which will cause a problem, but as the new system has been in place for three days now and no one has complained, I assume it is working OK. Several people have confirmed it is.


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