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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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5 September (Part 2) - Bridleway 250. Still blocked

Bexley council is continuing to support the illegal blocking of Bridleway 250 with the connivance of Bexley police - but it wasn’t always so.

A letter sent by Bexley council to the culprit only a year ago and obtained under the Freedom of Information Act makes it very clear that erecting a gate across the bridleway is a criminal offence and it seeks a meeting to resolve the matter.
The letter, whilst the names are redacted, is quite obviously addressed to the owner of Mount Mascal Stables.

The council, in its usual incompetent way, has got in a total muddle over dates. The gate erected in 1988 was removed but replaced by a bigger and better one about three years ago. This fact seems to have passed Bexley council by, as have several others.

Whatever could have happened in the past year to persuade Bexley council officers that a criminal act is OK by them?

Click extract for complete (redacted) letter.


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