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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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2 September (Part 3) - Caring Charters

The reports of how Bexley council takes pride in paying its care workers less than surrounding boroughs provoked quite a lot of correspondence and maybe that is not surprising given that Bexley has one of the highest proportion of unpaid carers in London. Paying care workers less than the minimum wage, taking the lack of paid travelling time or payment for expenses into account, is unethical, illegal and calculated to drive down standards - but it’s what Bexley does through its approved contractors. I recently learned that charities providing the same service as a relief to the unpaid carers pay their staff nearly twice as much as Bexley does.

ChartersThe Director of Social Care in Bexley is Mark Charters and he has written an article about the work he does in the borough. Maybe those with an interest in the subject would like to read it. Ignore the opening comment “We must be more open with local residents”, it’s not all bad however the emphasis remains on “cutting costs”.


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