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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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30 October (Part 1) - Bexley Adult Education College compromised

After I saw Stuart Crichton address the Public Realm committee meeting last week and tell councillors how well he was doing I thought I’d take another look at what was effectively his CV on the Adult Education College website. I couldn’t find it, yet only a day or two earlier it was prominently displayed and I had quoted from it.

It seemed likely that someone had second thoughts about making Stuart’s history public. Perhaps in true Bexley fashion there is something not quite right about his appointment after all. I dug a little deeper.

A very little probing turned up the fact that Crichton’s predecessor was Malcolm Tite and that he retired in September 2011.
“Stuart Crichton to advise on financial matters” looks to be very significant. It has been alleged that Malcolm Tite had allowed debts to build to something like £600,000 and he was reluctant to relinquish control. According to a man who ought to know he was persuaded by a compromise agreement which added £30,000 to his contractual arrangements.

RetirementPolite words were put out for public consumption, the two vice principals kept the show on the road, working long hours and successfully dragging the college up towards a near excellent OFSTED rating and it’s easy to imagine the external consultant on finance and street services walking in to take the glory. All with no educational qualifications. Who needs them if you are part of the network?

Incidentally, Stuart Crichton’s CV is here. Obviously another high achiever.


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