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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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27 October - A big hit

As might be guessed from the late arrival of this blog (22:42) I have been away for the weekend and not having to post anything here came as a welcome relief. The fact is the cost of running B-i-B can be too high. Not the direct costs, they soak up no more than £20 a year, it’s things like the neglected garden and the absence of a paint brush from the house for the past couple of years that can be a bit dispiriting. There has not even been time to look for the envelope the electoral registration form came in and if I don’t renew the TV licence within the next few days the BBC won’t be able to run any more lavish parties or make illegal payments to their top brass. But every so often something happens to make it all worthwile.

Last Friday I answered a Withheld telephone call, I don’t always bother and it was someone from Bexley council who reads Bonkers. I could guess at the department but it would be irresponsible to give any clues. I learnt some interesting things but all I am going to say is that I was told that Bexley-is-Bonkers is “a big hit around here”

So it would seem there is no chance of me being able to give it up any time soon and there is plenty of material to fill the coming week.


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