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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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25 October (Part 2) - How low can they go?

After council officer Lynn Tyler wrote to Mick Barnbrook to tell him that I and others wouldn't stop shouting and waving papers at Cheryl Bacon’s infamous meeting I sent in an official complaint that she was promulgating lies about me.

I told Bexley council that I found their allegations offensive. The complaint may be read in full via the link above but the hardest hitting parts were:

• Mrs. Tyler is guilty of distributing untruthful statements.
• Mrs. Tyler is quite clearly specially selecting so called witnesses who are willing to lie.
• Mrs. Tyler must know that what she said is wrong.
• Put simply, Mrs. Tyler is lying. What she said did not take place nor could it have done.

I specifically asked that councillors be interviewed to confirm that I said nothing at Cheryl Bacon’s meeting and I know some are ready to do that.

Yesterday I received a reply from Nick Hollier, Bexley’s Head of Human Resources. Did he check my story with councillors, did he heck? He read Cheryl Bacon’s untrue statement and on that basis alone said I had no case. I was in effect a liar with my allegation. There will be more about that next week.

Not content with not troubling himself with a proper investigation Hollier decided to abuse his power further. He told me that the four comments I have highlighted above are abusive and warrant action under the council's complaints code. Apparently you are not allowed to complain that the council lies because to make such an accusation falls foul of their rules on vexatious complaints. This is what Hollier said…
As already noted, my letter of complaint is available to be read on line. Unlike Bexley council I have nothing to hide. Judge for yourself whether anything in my letter is abusive.

And where have the words diligently and integrity come from? A diligent legal manager would have noticed that the statements she sent out under FOI did not check out, containing obvious contradictions and fabrications.

Now as well as having to appeal against Nick Hollier’s decision I am going to have to put in a complaint about him for failing to conduct the enquiries I suggested, the fact that they will lead to Bacon’s downfall is irrelevant. He should have done it. The problem, as a Director once whispered to Elwyn Bryant, is that corrupt councillors have the power to sack any employee they take a dislike to, so the corruption is endemic and the high pay is essential to keep most mouths firmly sealed.


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