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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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Old Farm

24 October (Part 2) - Councils, criminals and Cheryls

A short round up of some recent developments…

Elwyn Bryant showed me his Crown Prosecution Service correspondence file. It starts with their letters headed Regina v Peter Craske and ends with a refusal to provide a document as it may reveal the subject’s personal details. I know who it went to because former Borough Commander Victor Olisa confirmed he had received it when I met him on 1st March 2013. I think we know who it was about. You couldn’t make it up; Craske in the letter heading but they can’t reveal names! Elwyn is going through the appeals procedure.

My own Subject Access Request to the police is now approaching three months overdue. Police corruption knows no bounds.

On the Bacon front, Mick Barnbrook has taken his complaint about Cheryl Bacon’s illegal exclusion of the public from her meeting to Bexley council’s chief legal officer, Mr. Akin Alabi, citing the known facts and promising him that if Bexley council continues to refuse to look at the evidence he will go to the Specialist and Economic Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard alleging Misconduct in Public Office and Perverting the Course of Justice. The same office which took up his complaint about crooked MPs and led to their jail terms.

I suspect he will have to do it. I have today received a reply to one of my own complaints and, I know I shouldn’t be after the last few years, but I was very much shocked by the depths of Bexley council’s lying and refusal to accept any evidence other than Cheryl Bacon’s. And few would doubt what she is any more.

Index to Cheryl Bacon’s catalogue of wrong doing.


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