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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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21 October (Part 1) - Cheats never prosper

Cheryl BaconOn 19th June councillor Cheryl Bacon excluded six members of the public from a Public Realm Scrutiny Committee meeting. Five of those exclusions were illegal and everyone affected made formal complaints about Bacon. Six weeks later those complaints are either unanswered at the initial stage or unanswered at the appeal stage. Bexley council cancelled last Wednesday’s Members' Code of Conduct Committee meeting; was that pure coincidence?

After Bacon locked out members of the public from her “Closed Session’ meeting the council felt it necessary to remind all councillors of the recommended procedure should someone again try to record a meeting. What the council should also have done was apologise for the mistakes made on that evening but instead they decided that in the time honoured way of Bexley council they should lie, lie, lie.

As a result we now know without a shadow of doubt that Queen Cheryl has in the face of strong competition taken the crown from King Craske for being Bexley council’ biggest purveyor of falsehoods. Her statement on the subject referred to a group of people, shouting, waving, remonstrating etc. nearly 20 times but none of the other carefully chosen witnesses said anything about that at all. For the simple reason it didn't happen. Three, possibly four of the excluded persons said nothing at all during Cheryl’s meeting.

Not only has the incident dragged Bacon into the gutter but she has brought the council’s legal officer down to the same level. Mrs. Lynn Tyler stands accused of implicating a Labour party local election candidate by making his name public in a Freedom of Information response and distributing unsigned, undated notes of her alleged interviews with witnesses without spotting the contradictions and inconsistencies contained therein. Sheer incompetence. One witness (two if an unconfirmed report is true) deny all or some of what has been attributed to them.

My own formal complaint about councillor Cheryl Bacon illegally excluding me from a meeting was sent on 6th September and as yet the council has been unable to provide an answer. For the record…

Dear Mr. Tuckley,

It is now more than six weeks since I registered a formal complaint against Councillor Cheryl Bacon for illegally excluding me from a public council meeting and your council's complaints procedure requires you to answer within five days or give a reason for not doing so.
Since I first wrote to you on 6th September a number of documents relating to the incident have come to light and analysis of them clearly shows inconsistencies from which it becomes obvious that Councillor Bacon invented her story about me and others. Her statement about a group of people (including myself) constantly shouting is simply a lie and not supported by any other witness.
I understand that two of your carefully selected witnesses deny some of what was written in their names and others have come forward to support my contention that during the relevant meeting I said abasolutely nothing. My exclusion was illegal. When are you going to answer my complaint and bring Councillor Bacon to account?

Yours sincerely,

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