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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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19 October (Part 2) - Unsubstantiated allegations

I get asked for help on all sorts of things and some are well outside my remit, others make allegations which are unsubstantiated such as Civil Enforcement Officers persistently ticketing cars parked on private land and claims like the one below, which is interesting but cannot be used.

Can someone please explain why a partner of a senior staff member at the Adult Education College in Alma Road was paid to do some casual gardening work when they have permanent employees to do this? Then they spend money on a lavish barbecue to celebrate an OFSTED report. It would be interesting to know how many friends, neighbours etc. are employed.

A consultant supposed to be representing college to bring in more business is paid stupid money with no results evident. We the residents of Bexley are paying for this blatant mis-use of funds.

If you want to shame Bexley council, a bit more detail and documentation please.


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