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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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16 October (Part 2) - Brainless

Silly sign MapAnother Frizoni Folly spotted by a reader. Bexley council promised us that it would not move to 100% Pay by Phone parking but it would appear that it is going out of its way to make anything else impractical. In Abbey Road, Bexleyheath, just off the Broadway, a sign informs locals and strangers alike that they may pay two streets away. I know where Lion Road is but Sandford Road did not ring any bells. Hence the map; click for larger view.

By the time you've walked to Sandford Road, found the machine and worked out how to operate it, then get back again at least five or six minutes will have gone by, the route to Lion Road involves crossing a busy Broadway. There must be a good chance you’d find yourself with a ticket by the time you get back.

I’ve seen a fair bit of stupidity by Mike Frizoni (Deputy Director of Public Realm Management, £108,622 per annum) over the years but this one surely takes the proverbial biscuit. As my correspondent said, “Totally Bonkers”.


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