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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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14 October - If you put your foot in it, rejoice over the 16 pence a year you’ve saved

I have known better weekends and I don't just mean the weather which according to device I have that measures total daily light levels, yesterday was the dullest day since 24th March.

The old computer which can be reluctant to start looks like being replaced with one that is reluctant to switch off, due, if Google can be believed, to some obscure BIOS or driver incompatibility. It will probably fix itself in time as drivers are updated. It is certainly fast; 33 seconds from switch on to web access which isn't at all bad for a Windows machine, even if it is twice the time my Acorn took nearly 20 years ago. However enough of that, has anything happened over the weekend?

Not much by the look of things. An amount of moaning about the dog mess that despoils Bexley’s parks and nearby roads. That is of course mainly down to dog owners but it is perhaps worth reminding readers that it was councillor Gareth Bacon who decided that those owners should go unpunished. He thought saving £15,000 on the dog warden contract because it wasn’t making money was a simple financial decision. Quality of life and your carpets count for nothing.

Gareth BaconBacon is quite obviously a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. It was him who closed almost all the public toilets too. It’s not impossible that Bexley council will decide to spend more than £15,000 on web casting its meetings in a totally unnecessary face saving exercise having been shamed into doing something by Nicholas Dowling’s dictating machine. The comparative worth must be obvious to all.

Looking forward to the coming week I see that the Cabinet is set to approve a 1% pay rise for everyone at the Civic Centre. They have not had a rise in the past four years and few employees will have fared worse than that so this is not unexpected for the lower paid staff. Not so sure about those from £58,200 upwards (the point at which government guidance dictates that the details should be published †) and maybe the Chief Executive agrees, for Will Tuckley has said he won’t accept his pay rise.

The Cabinet will be considering the measures needed to plug the £40 million black hole to 2018.

† Almost needless to say, this is another piece of government guidance that Bexley council ignores.
16 pence. A rather simplistic calculation based on Bexley’s 92,600 dwellings. (2011 census.)


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