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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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11 October (Part 2) - Corrupt councils

CorruptionAn organisation called Transparency International UK has published a report on corruption in UK Local Government. It is perhaps more of a report on the potential for corruption and certainly far too long to summarise here. However perhaps Page 33 is topical, it provides councils with ideas on how they could gerrymander the new electoral registration system. See the associated image.

It could happen here in Bexley under the Conservatives. When the Boundaries Commission proposed changes in Bexley two years ago, local Conservatives proposed amendments which were quite obviously designed to give them an advantage at Labour’s expense. The Commission quite rightly jumped on it and threw the Tory proposals out.

Never underestimate the capacity of Conservatives locally for unbridled dishonesty. Who would do so after reading up on the Cheryl Bacon affair? There’s barely a word of truth anywhere in her report.


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