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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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10 October (Part 2) - Why are we waiting?

I made a big mess of the new Index to things relating to Cheryl Bacon’s Closed Session meeting when I put it on line on Monday. Four of the important links were wrong. It is fixed now.

Whilst checking it I noticed that my complaint about that meeting is more than a month old. The council’s correspondence promise is that email will be answered within five days or a reason will be provided if that goal cannot be met. I’ve not heard a thing. Probably they’ve not been left much wriggle room for original new lies. Why don’t they just accept that Cheryl made a mess or blame it on someone giving her bad advice? End of story. I realise they might have to admit that her tall tale about a rowdy group of pensioners was nonsense - no other council witness supported her - but everyone knows that already, so overall it doesn’t make a lot of difference. ‘Councillor lies. Official.’ It’s no longer big news in Bexley.

This week I heard councillor Craske complaining that answering complaints and Freedom of Information requests costs a lot of money. If they answered them honestly a reduction in the number of repeats and reviews might be a money saver. Just a thought


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