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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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8 October (Part 2) - Website proliferation. Everybody’s doing it

ThamesmeadTwo new Bexley related websites have come to my notice within the last couple of days. One is not new exactly, it has merely come out of a long period of hibernation but may be of interest to those of us who live in the borough’s northerly extremities. Its name is ‘A Take on Thamesmead’ and carries a banner not unlike some of those to be found on BiB.

There is a lot going on in Thamesmead at the moment, much of Tavy Bridge is presently a heap of rubble and the site aims to keep residents up to date. If I see anything especially interesting I’ll link to it from here. It is already listed on one of the BiB menus - that’s all pages apart from the BiB blog itself.

UKIPThe second website should be of interest to Northerners too and I suspect, political nosey parkers everywhere. It is as far as I know, the first UKIP sponsored site in Bexley.

During the last election period, when Bonkers was in its infancy, I commented on, or at the very least referred to, both Labour and Conservative leaflets and I may well do so again as May 2014 approaches.

The local Labour party websites have not been very well looked after and are horribly out of date. The Conservative ones are too often propaganda sheets and when Teresa O’Neill or Peter Craske are involved they can be, as you might expect, crammed full of untruths. Did they really think anyone was sufficiently gullible to believe their lies about the local Labour party being unaware that there was a railway station named Bexleyheath? Who in their right mind makes up lies like that?

After looking at Bexley Conservative websites, UKIP’s seemed much more modern and a breath of fresh air, but maybe I am biased because some of it bears a passing resemblance to Bexley is Bonkers. That is not a complaint, anyone is welcome to nick any part of BiB. Maybe it would be best if I refrain from further comment and just give you the link?

UKIP Lesnes Abbey website. Click the image to see the whole leaflet in all its glory.


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