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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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8 October (Part 1) - What’s the big secret?

Quite a number of my conversations with readers and residents centre on the big question surrounding Bexley council. Why do they do it? What are they hiding? What is it that drives Bexley council to report critics to the police, prosecute one of them for using a four letter word and embellishing the story in the hope it would result in a criminal record, call in favours at the highest level to protect their own home grown criminals, pay Mike Frizoni a bonus every year, not answer some questions at all, lie over others, hold underhand meetings with landowners, refuse to allow the recording of any meeting, decide not to keep minutes of critical ones, arrange cosy meetings with the CPS attempting to influence them, swear everyone to secrecy when top managers take decisions that result in the death of children and old ladies. You name it, Bexley council has done it.

Then yesterday the Bexley Times revealed that Bexley council is bribing employees to keep quite. A million pounds plus on gagging orders. Just what is it that they are hiding? Maybe Mick Barnbrook’s suggestion of paedophilia at a council meeting caused such a fuss because it hit a nerve. Mick’s example seemed more than a little unfortunate at the time but on the other hand Bexley council knowingly chose to harbour one, a paedophile that is, at their Thames Innovation Centre. Perhaps a million quid for silence is not so very far fetched after all.

These emails received yesterday might shed a tiny bit of light on it. The first is unedited…

I am one of the people who have signed compromise agreements with Bexley Council in recent years. Under the terms of the agreement, I am not even permitted to tell you who I am, what I used to do for Bexley Council, or how much I was paid to keep my mouth shut - let alone ditch the dirt on Queen Teresa, Prince Will and all their cronies.

This one was not anonymous but has had to be edited for obvious reasons…

I can tell you that Bexley East child care team is in such a mess because records are tampered. If you do not believe me ask T*** D*** or B****** T***** (if they are still working for Bexley). There are a few deaths that can be directly attributed to Bexley council. I have tried getting information under the Freedom of Information Act but to no avail. My family has been broken as a direct result of Y****** M***** and K**** F*********. They can sue me if they want but they won’t because it will bring too much to light and as you know Bexley are a bunch of cover up cronies!

Something else to dig into! On a lighter note someone has noted a run of the mill rewrite of Bexley history…

Are you sure you have the correct meeting here - Public Realm on 19th June? The minutes of this meeting are on the council’s web site, and there is no mention of any disruption or adjournment. It appears that this meeting proceeded as normal and in public. Some mistake, surely?

As I said, everything about Bexley council is based on a massive lie. Perhaps I am in line for a million pound pay-off to shut me up! None of these emails are more than 24 hours old.


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