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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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3 October (Part 1) - Things to avoid

There are a few subjects I’m not keen to cover on Bonkers and one of them is cycling and cyclists. Too divisive, you either love it or hate them.

CyclistI find cyclists on the pavement, even locally where it is allowed, a nuisance, all their bells are broken for a start and you can be in danger when getting off a bus. But cycling in the road is dangerous too, not much doubt about that, all of which I suppose means I should be keen on Boris’s mini-Holland schemes but I’m not. Too expensive in times of austerity. So I’m a confirmed don’t know.

Neither do I know where I stand on the latest story to come my way, that the police, or the plastic variety masquerading as policemen, are going around issuing fixed penalty fines to cyclists riding on the pavement in Bexley. Certainly there can be no dispute it happened once near Crook Log, what I’m not sure about is the story that it is part of a one month campaign of attrition - in which case i think I am against it. That sounds like a target has to be met and cyclists are easy game. Chasing targets always leads to unforeseen consequences, whether it be in the NHS or on the streets of Bexley.

Meanwhile it might be wise to avoid riding a bike on the footpath.


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