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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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2 October (Part 3) - Councillor Cheryl Bacon must be desperate

BaconI didn’t have to dig much further into Mrs. Lynn Tyler’s account of what councillor Cheryl Bacon is supposed to have said about me and others to find another big fat juicy lie. If only Bacon had had the sense to admit that her one big mistake on the 19th June was to announce a “Closed Session” things would have blown over by now. Oh, I almost overlooked a vital fact, she has admitted it, she just won’t admit it was wrong.

Nobody disputes that Nicholas Dowling was breaking Bexley council’s anti-democratic rules when he tried to follow the Department for Communities & Local Government guidelines and councillor Bacon may have been entitled to exclude him from proceedings, but that is not good enough to get her off the hook. The lying Cheryl must tar everyone present with the same brush because that is the only way her illegal decision can be excused.

In the past I have seen both Elwyn Bryant and Mick Barnbrook call out or jeer during council meetings. Some chairmen, the pen jabbing Alan Downing for example, get mightily wound up about it but to others it is water off a duck’s back. On the night in question Mick said absolutely nothing, I’m not so sure about Elwyn, I know he came over to speak to me twice during the several adjournments. Let us assume for the sake of argument that their previous behaviour has warped Cheryl’s mind and she sincerely believes they were not following the rules. That still leaves Peter Gussman, Danny Hackett and myself unaccounted for.

I make it an absolute rule never to say anything at council meetings because I know they will be looking for any excuse to exclude me and partially cripple Bonkers. if any of the usual crew are whispering among themselves, I move away from them.

On the evening of the 19th June I sat in solitary confinement, as confirmed by council officer John Adams, and spent much of the time staring at the nearest councillor trying to read her facial expressions. I know Danny Hackett said nothing and Peter Gussman told me he said nothing either. So what does councillor Cheryl Bacon have to say about us…
Bacon statement
A lot of commotion eh? Sitting together? In fact much of the first 20 minutes of that evening was silent, each side waiting for the next move.

Here is the next significant lie in Cheryl’s report…
Bacon statement
Note the constant emphasis on the words ‘group’ and ‘those’ because it is of paramount importance to Bacon that she maintains the pretence that Nicholas was not the only disruptive element. She spoke to Nicholas it is true and he was flanked by Elwyn and Mick, so she may consider that she was addressing them too, but I was sitting elsewhere and so was Labour man Danny Hackett. All of us were excluded from attending the reconvened meeting. Cheryl Bacon is either misreported to suit a dishonest council or she lied to Mrs. Tyler, Team Leader (Legal).

More references to a noisy group followed…
Bacon statement
I could name some councillors who will be amazed at Cheryl’s nonsense but to identify honest councillors within a council run by leader Teresa O’Neill might be the kiss of death for them - so I can’t. Danny has shown me an honest streak so maybe he will put something on the record.

There is more of Cheryl Bacon’s desperate verbal flailing to come but that is probably enough for one day, if you have heard one of her lies you you might consider you have heard them all.


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