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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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23 November - For councillor Tandy and other trainspotters

Abbey Wood Abbey Wood CrossrailThere is an amazing amount of Crossrail work going on around Abbey Wood station and alongside the tracks towards Plumstead.

The station car park which has been fully closed for a week has become a dumping ground for cut down trees and on the other side of the railway line the station entrance has been moved and cables are being repositioned.

The official timetable for the next six months includes…

• Piling on the station platforms - (weekend of 7th December).
• Piling and heavy earthworks to widen the trackbed from Abbey Wood station to Church Manorway - (December).
• Felixstowe Road and Gayton Road to be realigned to make way for the new station.
• Footbridge and ramps to Harrow Manorway demolished.
• Work on temporary station and footbridge to commence.
• New footbridges to be provided at Church Manorway and Bostall Manor Way followed by removal of the old ones.

Parking penaltyMeanwhile Bexley council is cashing in by haphazardly dumping cones for no obvious reason and issuing as many penalty notices as it can. Beware!


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