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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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21 November - There must be an election coming

TweetsThe real news famine must be widespread; and as if to confirm it the News Shopper yesterday devoted its front page to a Bexley parking story. I suspect they could do one of those every week. Aren’t they two a penny in Bexley?

The NS report made it clear that Bexley council had returned the motorist’s cheque after she complained that she was attending a medical emergency but that wasn’t good enough for Bexley Conservatives who entered a Tweet exchange with the News Shopper’s reporter.

Parking is council business not the Tories’, there is no reason why they should be involved; unless the forthcoming election is beginning to worry them.

If only Bexley council was as quick to return cheques when the story is not about to be given pride of place by the News Shopper. This email arrived earlier today…

Parking permit refund request dated 14th August. Chased this up and an October email advised that it would take four weeks more for a cheque to be issued.

If the boot was on the other foot I would have been taken to court for non-payment by now.

Have advised council I will give them seven more days, then I will take them to court.


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