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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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15 November (Part 1) - Howbury. The last word?

Apart from accepting the government bribe to keep council tax low, Bexley council appears to do little to please residents. In four years I have never been sent an email which says “Look here, Bexley council has done a good job with this one”. It just doesn’t happen. How do they keep getting elected?

The following is far more typical of messages received…

In so far as there is any truth in what councillors and officers said, it is this: formally, no decision had been taken, but once the outcome of the officer evaluation had been made public it would have provided grounds for legal challenge if councillors had tried to take a different view. Of course, in truth, the councillors will have made their decision in advance, in private. Either way, a stitch-up as usual.

It’s easy to understand why the Howbury Friends, who’ve acted in good faith throughout a protracted process, feel cheated. The slogan “Listening to you, working for you’ has a hollower ring with every decision these charlatans take.

All cabinet meetings are rehearsed in advance which is one reason why most of them are wrapped up in under 30 minutes.


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