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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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11 November (Part 1) - They didn’t remember

Poppy MayorOur MPs were all out at the war memorials yesterday, James in Sidcup, David in Crayford and Teresa in Erith. The mayor went to East Wickham church but where were most of our councillors? Not in Bexley, that is for sure.

The service at the Bexley memorial was as you might imagine organised by the Ex-Servicemen’s Club and the local churches. They asked the police if they would be present and were told ‘only if you pay’. As a further respectful gesture they gave a warning that if any part of the 200 strong gathering strayed into the road, it would be regarded as an offence. So the traffic couldn’t be halted even for two minutes.

No councillors there either. Alan Downing, Colin Campbell and Colin Tandy all had more interesting things to do.


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