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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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8 November (Part 4) - Planted questions

Please forgive me if I think rigging council question time and planting questions is fairly small beer. It doesn’t really compare to the council leader marching off to the police station to suggest I might impale councillors on farm implements and burn down their HQ. Nor is it in the same league as impersonating me on the web and filling their criminal page with obscenities, neither does it trump unlawfully shutting me out of a public meeting and then lying about it; but it does demonstrate Bexley’s underlying predisposition to dishonesty and deception.

I don’t get upset about it because all Bexley’s fiddling around with democracy is grist to my mill and hopefully another few hundred web hits, time constraints ensure that formal complaints come from elsewhere.

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to guess that Michael Barnbrook put in the first complaint about all his questions being rejected and every single one tabled coming from an election candidate and the Tories could easily have put their questions directly to their mates in the Conservative Club.

Conor Lucking’s admission to Mr. Barnbrook that he only asked a question because councillor John Davey (Lesnes ward) asked him to is particularly damning. It was overheard by would-be UKIP councillor for Lesnes, Chris Attard. Chris commented on his blog and complained to councillor Davey. He replied as follows…

Many thanks for your email. Using this criteria, I would guess that you would put yourself in the category of a non-genuine resident as I understand that you are standing for UKIP and yet you asked a question at a Council meeting! Is this one rule for you and another for everybody else?

Chris AttardChris Attard did indeed put a question at last April’s meeting so Davey’s response might have been appropriate were it not for two things. April was fully two months before UKIP accepted Chris as a candidate, and more importantly, how can any UKIP person plant a question in the manner indulged in by Tories? By definition Tory activists have access to Bexley council’s ruling party; no UKIP candidate has such privileges, they are no better off than you or me. Maybe councillor John Davey cannot see the difference; after all he is not very bright. If he was this website would be unlikely to exist at all.

Andy Smith, the Labour ‘plant’ is not in the same category as Conservatives Tosin Femi-Adedayo and Conor Lucking. Andy has no access to the inner circle either. Tosin F.A. refers to herself as The Female Boris. What? With hair as dark as hers? Tell us a joke in Latin, Tosin.

Teresa O’Neill takes a similar line to Davey. She too has told Chris that her stooges are ordinary members of the public. Rubbish, they’ve all been groomed by the local big-wigs and passed the selection processes. You can’t do that without getting your foot well and truly over the threshold. Either O’Neill is no brighter than Davey or she takes us all for idiots.

Take a look at Chris’s UKIP site (News) and read the whole story.


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