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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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8 November (Part 1) - Common sense disabled

Conservative councillors in Bexley can be totally dismissive of petitions and deputations as was seen again on Wednesday and it reminded me that the same attitude was to be seen at last week’s planning meeting. The redeveloped, in my opinion wrecked, Black Horse development in Sidcup still flounders from one crisis to another and the latest idea is to turn it into an Adult Education College. For those unfamiliar with the territory, the Black Horse is next to and pretty much part of the Waitrose building in downtown Sidcup where, as is well known, car parking space is at a premium.

The proposals in that regard at the Black Horse are, to say the least, rather unusual. College staff are to get priority, they will have an alocation of six spaces. At the end of the queue are dsabled students. Their two spaces are to be put as far from the college as is possible. On leaving their vehicle a disabled driver will have to somehow travel across the whole length of the underground car park, up a slope, turn to go up another slope and then turn again and go through the entire length of Waitrose’s car park to the back door of the college - and on the way out all the way back again.

The planning department recommended it and when the planning committee was told about it they were not in the slightest bit interested and waved through their approval. Priority for staff and to hell with the disabled? Our friend Stuart Crichton couldn’t be behind this could he?


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