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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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6 November (Part 1) - More readers’ comment

It’s probably a little lazy to rely on readers’ comments for a second consecutive day but sometimes the schedule gets rather hectic and there are several things I must do before this evening’s council meeting. I shall take my camera in the hope the banner wavers outside the Civic Centre will provide a picture or two for the report. Maybe the police will be there to show us that they still happily dance to Teresa O’Neill’s tune.

Yesterday’s postbag told me that not issuing parking permit reminders has claimed more victims than three and that the idea of universal water meters is not universally welcomed, especially by those with long-term medical conditions. But it’s not an obvious Bexley council issue though you can bet your life they knew it was coming and said nothing. The following message which I have again rewritten slightly to protect sources quite clearly is a Bexley council issue…

Sorry for being unable to give my email address but I have close connections with Bexley council and councillors so I’m a bit paranoid. You know how they are. To be fair to council officers, they're working under a reign of terror from above, with Teresa O’Neill and her allies constantly peering over their shoulders.

Anyway, what I wondered is whether you have reported the councillors to the Standards Board for England, or if you have reported their lying lawyer to the Law Society? They have a duty to uphold professional standards, I would send them a pack of evidence and ask them to investigate.

Good luck with the blog, keep it up!

I’m afraid the Standards Board for England has been abolished. Eric Pickles has this quaint idea that councils are comprised of good upstanding people who will always do what is right and can set their own standards, when the plain fact is that in Bexley the council is run by a secretive coterie of people little better than small time crooks.

I had a meeting with Mick Barnbrook last week to discuss ongoing issues and in one of the inevitable digressions he reminded me that the only time we have dented Bexley council is when matters are referred to outside bodies. The Local Government Ombudsman, the Information Commissioner, the police in the hope they are not too often subjected to the “political interference” they admitted to in the Craske case. We agreed that complaining to Bexley council and getting the usual runaround of lies is not the way forward. Whatever Bexley council tries on next in their attempt to wriggle Cheryl Bacon off her hook, her name along with that of Nick Hollier and Lynn Tyler will definitely be going to Scotland Yard and Lynn Tyler’s will additionally be reported to the Law Society for aiding and abetting a crime. Akin Alabi¹s too if he doesn’t intercede soon.


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