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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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3 November (Part 1) - What do they know?

Bexley MagazineThe website provides a facility for submitting Freedom of Information requests and having your reply published on their website automatically. It occasionally reveals interesting stuff about Bexley council, however a few weeks ago it provided more of a giggle than anything truly insightful. After successfully using the site for some years, Bexley council decided its IT system was unique in that it was unable to communicate with

There was a similar response to another FOI a month earlier that may shed more light on Bexley’s imaginery problem. In true Bexley fashion it was never answered.

The relevant FOI eventually revealed that the Bexley magazine costs around £72,000 a year. I wonder if that includes the editorial and distribution costs? Speaking to the delivery person not so long ago I was told that they not only get paid for their little job, they earn a small pension too.

List of Bexley council’s What Do They Know entries.


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