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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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30 May - Welling, Bedonwell, neither’s well

Welling Welling WellingBexley council may well be able to keep many of its activities hidden from sight but constantly shovelling huge sums in the direction of their favoured contractor F.M. Conway is hard to keep secret.

Rearranging Bexley’s road system for reasons which are hard to fathom during a period of budgetary restraint puzzles a lot of people and one who lives close to the centre of Welling drew my attention to the disruption Bexley council has created on his doorstep.

Getting me to go out in the rain for more pictures was not his primary motive, he asked how it is that Bexley council can always find money to spend on their vanity projects but when it comes to protecting very young children journeying to school along a pavement barely wide enough for mothers to walk hand in hand with their offspring they can only dither and delay.

He can ask but even the father who complained still has no answer. When I last spoke to him he was still fuming after being slapped down by mayor Alan Downing for attempting to ask the appropriate question at a council meeting. Downing’s period as mayor turned out to be an object lesson in how not to win friends and influence people.



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